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Масса розы в зависмости от ростовки. Сорт "Вау". Методика расчета.

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    • Автор: louisuitholland
      i see many time all over the world low production, the biggest problem is Labour.  this means i see production sp low. and than i understand they want to expand with more ha., if you have 10 ha greenhouses and you make 70 kg cucumber (200 gram) than you must think about. more building greenhouses. ot arrange all thinks good in the first greenhouses. little more labour on the 10 ha. gass chemical are alomost IPM  the same , and you go from 70 kg per m2 to 120 kg per m2/, AMD more is possible. (depended no artificial lighting.) in theory we can max 210 kg.  2.5 plants per m2 X 8 fruits of 200 grams = 4 kg per week X 52 weeks is 212 kg ( no possible) but i see that greenhouse Building companies. promise 196 kg black on white on paper.
      we can make 160 kg if we do all good. more is possible, but the cost will be to high. is anybody needs help with calculation. please ask me loodvdmeer@yahoo.co.uk i work many years in russia, and i want to go there many time. very nice to be there. 
      in Holland a grower makes with 2 crops (planting 10 January with 50 cm plants ) wand start 2,5 plants per m2. in sumer 3 plants per m2 the make between 85 kg / 95 kg without artificial lighting, i can help with advice by mail or on the greenhouses.  
    • Автор: admin
      А ведь как красиво начиналось...