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Теплицы на крыше городских зданий


Теплицы на крыше многоэтажных городских зданий

Sustainable farming in the Bronx! Geoff Quartermaine Bastin This is the rooftop farm that we designed and built with Sky Vegetables on Tinton Ave in the Bronx, NYC. 10,000 square feet of local food production! I will post a photo of the interior shortly. This was 2012.


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      Netherlands: Priva and UrbanFarmers sign letter of intent
      In a prominent landmark building in The Hague, a former Philips factory, UrbanFarmers is developing a multi-story urban farming enterprise called UF De Schilde. On the roof of the building a greenhouse will arise, while inside a fish farm and high-tech growing facility will be realised.   Priva will contribute to the climate control inside the greenhouse and the control of the LED lighting in the high-tech growing facility. Also the integration of the fish farming system in the water cycle will be controlled by Priva technology. To confirm this, Priva and UrbanFarmers have signed a letter of intent.     Largest urban farming project in Europe
      With a total capital investment of EUR 2.6m, UF De Schilde will house Europe's largest commercial urban food production facility, covering a 1200 sqm rooftop greenhouse for specialty vegetables, a 300 sqm indoor fish farm, as well as a 250 sqm indoor hydroponic production facility with maximum reuse of fertilizers and LED grow lights. Already dubbed the "Times Square of Urban Farming", the building will host innovative roof signage to communicate to the outside world about what's happening inside.   http://www.hortidaily.com/article/14507/Netherlands-Priva-and-UrbanFarmers-sign-letter-of-intent
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