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Interview with Opoleva Alina Interview with Opoleva Alina, leading florist of flower retailer `Florange' in the city of Ufa, Russia. Mrs. Opoleva Alina is the leading florist of `Florange', a flower retailer, with several shops in Ufa, a city 1,600 kilometers east of Moscow. She has been a professional florist since 1999 and during this period, she has worked with many rose varieties. She is very enthusiastic about Voodoo!® and frequently orders this variety for `Florange'. For more information about `Florange': www.florang.ru or email [email protected] `Ufa' a city 1.600 kilometers east of Moscow Many retailers and designers are very enthusiastic about Voodoo!®. Can you explain what it is they like so much about it? "Voodoo!® has an appealing colour and the rose always opens beautifully. She has a sturdy stem, which makes it comfortable to work with, especially in bouquets. She is really an attention-grabber when placed in the shop-window and attracts passer-by's immediately." Why is orange and especially bright orange an important colour in roses? "Bright orange roses make our work radiant and cheerful; they light up every arrangement and design. We at `Florange' have an extra reason to be fond of the colour orange, as it is the prevalent word of our business' name! Our symbol is also orange. It is rather obvious why Voodoo!® is a very popular rose at our shops." Can you compare Voodoo!® to other orange varieties in the market? "The most important attribute and specialty of this variety is her bright colour! She brings together different shades of orange, from light to dark. Voodoo!® has a multifaceted colour and therefore she is very interesting to work with. Voodoo!® adds more value to an arrangement than, for example the orange rose Circus." In your experience how is the vase life of Voodoo!®? Does she recover quickly after transportation? "The rose variety Voodoo!® recovers very well. We only order flowers that have excellent transport characteristics as our region is far away (1,600 km from Moscow). It takes 7 days of traveling before the flowers arrive in Ufa. After transportation, the roses recover quickly and are ready for sale. This rose is godsend for people who love gorgeously opening roses." Flowers can add that special touch to any celebration. Can you offer some insights on how especially Voodoo!® can enhance exceptional festivities? "Voodoo!® is an excellent wedding rose! This is due to her colour and shape; she emphasizes a romantic atmosphere like no other rose does." What is your favourite event? "New Year's Day is my favourite event. I like it because my arrangements have a happy and joyful nature. A composition with Voodoo!®, with for example mandarins, nuts and cinnamon gives that feeling.This month we had Valentine's Day, many florists use mainly red roses for this celebrations. We have noticed that many customers have unconventional requests. They order from us bouquets, not made of red roses, but with orange roses. Believe me, a bouquet with Voodoo!® has more effect than traditional bouquets made of red roses." Which artistic, trendy designs would you like to create with this variety? "I am involved in a project in which I will decorate a boutique with modern clothes. I would like to use the stunningly orange Voodoo!® roses in this decoration. My idea will perfectly harmonize with the new collection of this boutique." Do you have any suggestions for us? "I suggest that breeders produce and offer more flowers with interesting and multifaceted colour and with, obviously, a good vase life. We florists will support and promote these varieties to the end users, the consumers." "Good luck in your future projects and thank you for Voodoo!®" Opoleva Alina, February 2007 A florist's remarks on Voodoo!® "She brings together different shades of orange, from light to dark. Voodoo!® has a multifaceted colour and therefore she is very interesting to work with." Источник http://www.schreurs.nl/

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