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Новые технологии для производства рассады.

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С 2008 года в западной европе и с 2009 года и в нашей части земного шара будут поставляться новые рассадные кубики для выращивания рассады овощей и цветов.

Ниже приведена краткая информация о новой продукции.

Revolutionary block offers optimum crop results for propagators and growers

Grodan introduces Plantop® Delta

Grodan, supplier of innovative substrate solutions for the greenhouse horticulture sector, has introduced a new line of propagation blocks for vegetable cultivation in the market, named Plantop Delta. Like the Grotop Master and Grotop Expert slabs, successfully introduced in 2007, these advanced blocks are based on Grodan’s patented “Next Generation” technology. The most important benefits of this technology are the improved uniformity, the root development and resaturation capacity.

Grodan developed the Next Generation technology in response to the rapid changes in the horticultural sector, where enlargement of scale and new cultivation systems compel growers to implement continual changes in their operations. With the introduction of the new Plantop Delta blocks, Grodan responds to the wishes of propagators to supply growers with high-quality plant material, to guarantee optimum crops.

Exceptional starting position

The Plantop Delta block offers considerable advantages which, in combination with a professional propagation method, result in the production of high-quality plant material:

• The WC and EC distribution over the entire height of the block have improved with 12% and 30% respectively. The more balanced water and air distribution contribute to more uniform plant development. Consequently, the propagator can supply the grower with a more uniform batch of plants.

• Root development during propagation has also been considerably improved. This results in better root distribution in the block and up to 25% more root tips at the bottom of the block, guaranteeing fast rooting after planting. The young plant thus makes optimum use of the entire volume of the block.

• Thanks to the increased resaturation capacity, both propagators and growers are able to vary the water content more. This gives the propagator the opportunity to steer the plants towards either generative or vegetative growth, depending on the circumstances, and offers the grower extra control options during the management phase of tomato cultivation.

• It has also been demonstrated that the pH value does not rise as quickly during propagation. This makes it easier for the plant to absorb nutrients, and it benefits the crop’s vigour.

In short, the new Plantop Delta block offers both propagators and growers an exceptional starting position when they start cultivation of a new crop.

Corporate information:

Grodan, founded in 1969, is active in more than 40 countries. The headquarters are located in Roermond, the Netherlands. Grodan supplies innovative cultivation solutions to the professional horticultural sector comprised of clean and controllable substrate, in combination with advice and support services. Grodan’s substrates constitute the alternative for soil for the professional horticulture sector. Cultivation using these substrates is not only considerably more environmentally-friendly and easier to manage; it also offers an increased yield, better quality and the opportunity to make savings in fertiliser, water, and energy consumption. The solutions are, in particular, employed in the

Grodan B.V. is part of Rockwool International A/S.

cultivation of vegetables and flowers, such as tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, aubergine, roses, and gerberas.

Grodan is a member of the Rockwool Group, the global market leader in products manufactured on the basis of stone wool. The various Rockwool companies manufacture a large and wide range of stone-wool products that make optimum use of stone wool’s unique properties. Rockwool’s 22 factories in 14 countries generate a turnover of more than 1.8 billion euros and offer jobs to some 8,500 employees. The headquarters are in Denmark, near Copenhagen.

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