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i visit many years Russia, my favorite county, and all new companies (investors) search for new thinks for better growing, newest high tec materials, my opinion is, invest in people,   labour, i see so many beautyfull projects in Russia, an they make small mistakes, with big consultations,so LED. 5th generation, its only reclame. make sure you learn to grow, and with out artificial lighting we can make 80 kg cucumbers in Moscow.  100 in Krasnodar. with lighting much more, but treatment of climate must be go, and labor must be perfect. In Holland there are No Semi closed greenhouses ( yes one) if the climate is OK outside, a traditional make the same production, and if we live in the south, than we can make a calculation with a semi closed greenhouse,  and all depended on the prices of the tomato and cucumbers in the summer time. if low prices in summer. do not produce expansive in summer, in holland we have standard greenhouses with 14000 lux and they make 95 kg / m2. tomato, cucumbers 2 crops no lighting 90 kg, bus the labor is perfect. so do not make wrong calculations. and do not believe everybody. agri culture is hard working in the crops, ith passion, the plants do not stop growing, so never stop working,   

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Absolutely right.

and in my humble experience - in 90% of the cases of some growing problems - the organisation is a reason. - have not checked in time, have not thought enough, have not done crop handling in time and properly and so on and so forth   

climate - labor - and passion ! 

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what is the 5th generation, can anybody tell, there are a few companies that make Semi Closed Greenhouses Modulair, SupriAir, Utra Klima, in Principe all those greenhouse are ultra klimate. or total control, and its a total different way of growing, in warm area is het perfect, you can call it also a greenhouse with cooling, nd almost no vent on the roof. so in cold areas its not necessary, i make more in that areas,if i get cool nights i can, day 30 degrees is perfect, all depended on the Grower / Agronom

than the question, what the price in winter 

whats the price in summer, if it cheap, you do not need it

so can anybody what is the 5th generation, whats 1, whats 2 whats 3 whats 4 and whats 5. or is it just Marketing. 

photo is he 1th generation, i somebody want is put all generations of greenhouses in Holland on this forum  

plat glass.JPG

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