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Production of cucumbers

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Cucumbers: we starting last year the test on big scale, with a high-wire cucumbers, we save 50 till 75 % seed costs. we save labor, we get more production, FOR Moscow with 26000 lux we can reach 220 kg per m2. if all thinks are going well, 1 labor, 2 climate, and no diseases, in Holland we have the test (big greenhouses. 6 growers,) and we are still without no problems. 

i think in Russia this can be very interesting, so forget the stress of inter planting, this is easy, simple and high production. 




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if we calculate. 

2,7 plants per m2 / 7 till 8 fruit per week of 200 grams = 3.8 kg per week per m2 

52 weeks X 3.8 kg. = 197 kg per m2.

on paper is this possible, but in real its not simple,

everything must be perfect,


good labour,

good greenhouses.

out side and inside climate.

and go on and on.

we can go to 3 plants per m2 is more production. ( 3 plants is more work, remove small leaves )

So the most good  greenhouses get with 3 crops without inter planting 120 /140 kg

But again.. no mistakes or diseases.


ps in Holland traditional growing they make round 75 / 98 kg with 2 crops no lighting 

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yes.. good labor, no Holiday, everyday... working (all on schedule)

en diseases, plant healthy and good in balance, the change is small for diseases. 

most diseases appear because of bad labor and fruit overloading of the plants.

not for 100% and (no guaranty)  but it help a lot, the keep diseases away, 

healthy food and live  for people  is also less options for diseases  


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