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HortiKey starts 2021 with a restyled logo and identity

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HortiKey proudly launches its new logo

The new HortiKey logo stands for innovative data-driven solutions, which is the key to data-driven greenhouse horticulture.


HortiKey starts 2021 with a restyled logo and identity. HortiKey, known for the Plantalyzer, is part of the Berg Hortimotive Group. The restyled branding stands for innovative data-driven solutions.

HortiKey was founded 5 years ago and became part of the Berg Hortimotive Group a year later.

During that time, the Plantalyzer was developed for the most accurate crop estimation. After the market launch in 2018, HortiKey launched the first series of Plantalyzers last year.

With the Plantalyzer, large-scale plant data is collected every day. In numbers that were unimaginable until recently. The state-of-the-art vision system makes it possible to acquire and to analyze big data flows of images fully automatically. Thanks to the combination of this every day large-scale planting data acquisition and AI modeling, the most accurate crop estimation is always up to date.

In 2021, a second series of Plantalyzers will be manufactured. To improve the connection with the Berg Hortimotive Group, HortiKey’s identity has been restyled. It has its own branding that stands for innovative data-driven solutions and at the same time is connected to Berg Hortimotive Group’s corporate identity.


The Plantalyzer is the first innovation from HortiKey which collects every day large-scale planting data to create the most accurate yield forcast.

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