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Вертикальная система выращивания VertiCrop


Well 7 years ago this my proud moment at the unveiling of the VertiCrop system in the UK who would have thought that I would be in the UAE and Dubai to build another one inside a warehouse to grow Gourmet salads. It had humidity, temp,Co2 and automatic watering and feeding . Plus automatic loading and unloading. Yet now people are talking about inventing these so called DATA collection points.


© Grahame Dunling

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    • Автор: admin
      Вертикальный способ выращивания клубники. 
      Вертикальные грядки для клубники
    • Автор: Grower1
      Еще одна забавная, (хотя и крайне непрактичная система), обещающая гигантские урожаи, при минимальных текущих затратах:
      Зато как выглядит красиво!
      Я думаю надо прямо выделить отдельные "подтемы": теплицы-фантастические и теплички/гроубоксы/игрушки для горожан :)

      Year-round vegetables, minimal resources, climate-resistant—we’ve sung praises about vertical farms many times before. But Singapore’s Sky Greens is something very special.

      Sky Greens’ four-story rotating greenhouse produces 1 ton of leafy greens every other day using a hydraulic-driven system that rotates and provides sunlight for the growing troughs. Photo credit: Sky Greens
      Designed by engineer and entrepreneur Jack Ng, Sky Farms runs on a so-called Sky Urban Vertical Farming System and is also heralded as “the world’s first low-carbon hydraulic driven urban vertical farm.”
      What does that mean? Well, for such a modern and innovative idea, Sky Greens actually uses good ol’ fashioned rainwater and gravity. Using a water-pulley system, 38 growing troughs rotate around an A-shaped aluminum tower that’s about 9 meters (about 30 feet) tall. The rotating troughs ensure even distribution of natural sunlight for each plant.
      Not only that, the same water used to turn the troughs also nourishes the plants.
      “With the plants irrigated and fertilized using a flooding method, there is no need for a sprinkler system thereby eliminating electricity wastage, as well as water wastage due to run-offs.”
      “Only 0.5 liters of water is required to rotate the 1.7 ton vertical structure,” the company boasts. “The water is contained in a enclosed underground reservoir system and is recycled and reused.” Additionally, only 40W electricity, or the equivalent of one light bulb, is needed to power a single 9 meter tower.
    • Автор: admin
      Тут уже нужны овощеводы-высотники... 
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